30. April 2019 3 Vorteile von CRYO.TAS

How do you combine the need for top-notch quality assurance with smart data collection?
CRYO.TAS is a dedicated turnkey solution for the gas producing industry to manage
product inspection, loading, return delivery and the transportation of liquefied gases.
The rationale behind using the system is obvious - from high process safety, efficiency
resulting from full automation, platform-independent operation to continuous quality
control. An important step towards industry 4.0. The advantages of CRYO.TAS don’t stop
there. It is not only a solution for loading and monitoring, but offers other convincing
advantages that could be just as important for your company. Don’t pass up these three
1. Smarten Up Your Operating Processes
CRYO.TAS functions to make your overall operating processes smarter. In a highly
competitive industry, the ability to analyze data in order to make fact-based
decisions is vital. As conforming to the Zeitgeist means focusing on the
advantages of smart data, automated truck loading management should not just
be considered as a tool for advanced order processing, but also as a means of
data collection. The TAS solution collects all data points, from the moment on that
the drivers enter the premises. RFID or another existing ID system monitors and
identifies every gas pick up and loading process. The collected data can be
analyzed and singled out to aid your company in establishing analyses. The
selected data can be used for all internal purposes, be it forecasting, predictive
maintenance, proof of obligation or the performance tracking of customers and
partners in the framework. Therefore, choosing CRYO.TAS is not merely an
investment in the full automation of loading processes, but also an investment in
business intelligence and productivity.
2. A Fully Customizable Solution
Your investment conforms to your existing infrastructure. CRYO.TAS is a modular
structure - a freely scalable system, whose separate modules can be put together
adaptively, according your specific needs. Furthermore, we integrate as much of
the existing hardware as possible to keep investment costs as low as possible.
The object-oriented system can be received in various models. As CRYO.TAS can
be adapted to your individual requirements, the costs for the system are flexible,
depending on the amount of modules you select.
In practice this means that you either can expand on your existing system by
integrating specific modules, or opt for the comprehensive overall system.
3. Future-Proof Investment
CRYO.TAS is a sustainable system, with which you are able to save internal
resources through external administration. You are able to keep focus on sales
and services while reducing your administrative effort through add-ons, such as
ERP integration. Furthemore, the usage of CRYO.TAS guarantees that you operate
fully compliant with international standards for the transportation of cryogenic,
liquefied gases. In particular, requirements for the certification of medical
products and products for the food industry in accordance with GMP and FDA.
The entire monitoring of the loading requirements in accordance with the
European ADR guideline on transporting dangerous goods is facilitated
automatically, and any related data points of performed operations as well as
product analyses results are stored for further business intelligence purposes.
For more details, check out www.cryotas.com and don’t hesitate to contact us.