.TAS Systems from IWB for Numerous Industry Branches

The Terminal Automation System (TAS) for fully automated loading is available not just for cryogenic gases. IWB has developed specialized forms of a manufacturing execution system (MES) for the various industry branches for loading dangerous goods, liquid products, mixed products and bulk materials.

At the moment, our product portfolio features the following overall solutions in addition to CRYO.TAS:

  • CRYO.TAS LG, the .TAS-System for LNG/LPG products (Small Scale LNG Terminals)
  • CHEM.TAS, the .TAS system for chemical and fine chemical products
  • PETRO.TAS, the .TAS system for refineries
  • FOOD.TAS, the .TAS system for food products
  • TRACK.TAS, the .TAS system for general product tracking