Check Out the Check-In

Any order in CRYO.TAS can be either imported, pre-defined, or manually entered by a driver. It all depends on your preferred routines to accommodate every order, as well as on existing interfaces or assigned authorizations that are granted by the system. Either way, all options are fully monitored to assure that no mistakes can happen.

This tutorial shows a driver arriving at a factory, who has the entitlement to generate orders. By identifying himself with his personal RFID transponder, the system launches a cadence of actions. The multilingual touchscreen automatically recognizes the user, in order to guide a him in his mother tongue and also reminds the driver once it's time to renew any permissions. These can be general authorizations for unloading, loading or for the handling of medical products.

You have a short important message to the driver in this context? It will be highlighted on the screen prior to launching the weighing process, through which the driver receives the instructions detailing which loading stations are available.

All collected data points are presented in the web-based CRYO.TAS cockpit. Securely accessible through a company's intranet from anyplace in the world. It's not only an aggregated overview of what's going on, but also a full-blown control center where among other things, all permissions are determined. The detailed information of any active order can be reviewed in any granularity.