Quality Control at its Best

CRYO.TAS is known for its fully automated monitoring of processes and its exceptional quality control. To always secure and guarantee the highest degree of product quality, not only storage tanks, pipelines or other measuring points, but also vehicle tanks, can be analyzed prior to, and following each loading of LOX, LIN, LAR, CO2 or H2.

The CRYO.TAS cockpit provides all factory-related key information in one aggregated overview. All aspects of quality assurance are the core of this turnkey solution that global players rely on in their daily operations to meet the highest requirements according to GMP, FDA, and the food production industry.

It is even possible to trigger an analysis of a certain sample gas point manually with just a few mouse clicks - web-based and hence independent from your global location. Choose any list of your analysis points and push the button. The system gas sampling module (SAM) switches to the respective gas sample point on-site and all analysis results are updated and archived in your database after expiry of purging times. Needless to say, CRYO.TAS also performs all of these operations fully automatically.