Your Joker to meet Quota!

When distributing gas to a variety of self-collectors and competitors, it's fundamental to define clear quotas. Sole offline planning however is not very effective, and remains a theory until put into practice. Hence, there is too much room for deviations between planning and execution, which again leads to misalignment, conflict of interest and increasing operational costs - not a good concept.

So, what if you could set multiple quota types for product groups, products or tanks, self-collectors or competitors, at any of your storage tanks, from any desired location worldwide?

CRYO.TAS offers you the option of defining three different quota types for collectors with a few simple mouse clicks, and will monitor these throughout the determined test period. This is in fact a down-to-earth day-to-day business scenario at many of our global operating customers. It's a robust feature of the most versatile turnkey solution to manage fully automated gas distribution and analysis – CRYO.TAS.