Planning Excellence in Perfection

Any loading order for LOX, LIN, LAR, CO2 and H2 can be pre-defined and pre-scheduled in CRYO.TAS. Alternatively, data from your companies planning tool can be simply imported through the optional ERP interface for utmost convenience. Either way, everything is fully monitored and guided to assure that no mistakes can happen.

You will be surprised how quick loading orders can be created within the web-based GUI of CRYO.TAS. A wizard for order creation guides you through the process of entering all relevant data around a customer, timelines, products, tanks, vehicles and required documents. Its easy and straightforward.

A driver arriving at a factory just needs to confirm the displayed, prescheduled order in the system, after identifying himself and his vehicle with personal RFID transponders. Any short important message to the driver in this context will be highlighted on the screen prior to launching a following initial weighing process.

Once everything is completed, the touchscreen prompts all available filling points and the driver is all set to move on. All related data points collected are saved in CRYO.TAS and can be reviewed in any granularity. Securely accessible through a company's intranet from anyplace in the world, CRYO.TAS is your choice for a maximum level of efficiency and production safety. Fully scalable to meet your individual needs.