SEC.TAS Safety Instruction - and Training Terminal

e-Train to Sustain Safety

In the effort of securing safety, nothing is as essential as highly skilled and correctly trained people. With the SEC.TAS Training Terminal, any supporting training content can be customized and localized and as needed to support flawless execution in the distribution of gas at your premises.

Just like any of our systems, centralized management and data storage, as well as a multilingual interface simplify the guided usage and improve overall security at any desired location.

If the SEC.TAS Training is integrated into a CRYO.TAS system, loading permissions of drivers can easily be re-granted since any practice concludes with a final test. Alternatively, the training terminal can be used as a standalone solution as well. Identification can fastly be made by RFID. Before for example a driver training starts, various operating instructions are issued.

The system automatically provides training content based on the assigned user role and required permissions. Results and documents are distributed by email in addition to printouts.

The SEC.TAS Training Terminal is the most reliable way to manage and foster global safety standards of your company worldwide, offering an unlimited number of training types for drivers, visitors, and any other target groups.