Tailored Terminal Automation System for the Gas Producing Industry

IWB developed CRYO.TAS, a terminal automation system (TAS) designed especially for the gas industry that allows cryogenic, liquefied gases to be monitored and loaded automatically.

Control your storage tank and your loadings entirely with CRYO.TAS and use the system, for instance, for automated loading and unloading of LOX, LIN, LAR, CO2,H2 or LNG as well as for all products which are loaded and transported as bulk material.

CRYO.TAS is suitable as a comprehensive manufacturing execution system (MES) especially for use in unmanned plants because all processes are fully automated and are monitored from end-to-end. In the process, the focus is always on increasing productivity and safety and on reducing effort, costs and risks.

Discover the advantages of CRYO.TAS:

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Scalable comprehensive solution for the entire loading process

CRYO.TAS combines a process-oriented control level including human machine interfaces (HMI), analyzer management, a weighing system for vehicles and containers and an identification system. A higher level monitoring and administration software checks product availability and compliance with loading regulations, analyzes the loading process and issues inspection certificates.