Add-ons for CRYO.TAS: Electronic release of medical products

Medical gases are an important part of the gas industry and subject to strict directives in production, motoring and sales. CRYO.TAS can be expanded by the add-on module for electronic product release, to make the process of release by qualified persons (QP) independent in time and location. You may define any number of release steps and responsible persons within the system. All the functionality of this add-on module are absolutely GMP Compliant.

The most important advantages of the CRYO.TAS add-on for electronic product release:

  • Automatic information of the responsible persons (QP)
  • Free specification of the required release steps and the sequence according to the works specifications
  • Assignment of several responsible persons to one release step (representation)
  • Use of mobile end devices for the release
  • Seamless GMP-compliant documentation of all processes
  • Recording of all results in release registers
  • Recording of the possible OOS-results
  • Location- and time-independent release of medical batches
  • Can be used for batch creation in storage tanks, batch tanks or tank vehicles