Add-ons for CRYO.TAS: Media Library

With the CRYO.TAS media library add-on you always have an overview of your monitoring data. Save your surveillance images, videos or externally scanned documents and assign them to a loading order. In addition, there is also the possibility to record live steams via the media library, to allocate them to a loading and, finally, to archive them. In this way, there is complete documentation of a loading process which can be referenced in the event of irregularities or operating errors.  

The most important advantages of the media library:

  • Complete documentation of the loading process by storing and archiving surveillance photos, videos and live streams
  • External documents and additional documents in certain file formats can be assigned to orders.
  • Batch assignment and archiving of additional documents from the batch analysis
  • Pictures taken of the weighing process from a connected camera document the correct positioning of the vehicle.