Add-ons for CRYO.TAS: Mixed Products

And even when it comes to the unique requirements of product blending CRYO.TAS has the appropriate solution. With the add-on module for mixed products your prepare formulations and monitor the loading, dosage and quality of this product. In connection with a loading point with dosing function the software automatically calculates the respective loading amount using the mixing recipe and the data from the vehicle’s tank and determines using the analysis results whether additional dosages are required.


The most important advantages of the CRYO.TAS add-on for mixed products:

  • Central formulation management of the mixed products within a system
  • Product blending with all available individual products in the system with high dosing precision
  • Monitoring of the product quality incl. preparing inspection certificat
  • Quantity balancing of the mixed products and of the individual components
  • Automatic calculation of the dosages with regard to the greatest possible load capacity for a vehicle