The Modular Structure of CRYO.TAS

CRYO.TAS works as a freely scalable construction system set whose individual modules can be put together flexibly as you require. Since CRYO.TAS was developed as an object-oriented system, you receive the product in various models from the individual module which you can integrate into your existing structure, right up to the comprehensive overall system.

Elements of CRYO.TAS basic modules include:

  • Access controls to regulate plant access
  • Identification system for automation of inspections
  • Discharge control to monitor and regulate the loading process
  • Analyzer control for continuous quality control and evaluation
  • Weighing vehicles to prepare loading papers, balancing and quota administration
  • Multi-factory module to integrate other production plants
Examples for possible standard module combinations
Examples for possible standard module combinations

In an effort to offer you even more customized solutions for your loading plant, we are going to present a number of add-ons on the following pages that allow you to upgrade your personal CRYO.TAS.