Ten Good Reasons for CRYO.TAS

CRYO.TAS is a customized product for the gas producing industry for product inspection, loading, return delivery and the transportation of liquefied gases. It is used notably for the automated loading of the cryogenic, air gas products, CO2 ,H2 and LNG.

In addition to being adapted to daily operation, the focus of CRYO.TAS is also on increasing productivity, safety as well as on reducing effort, costs and risks. 


Discover the advantages of CRYO.TAS at a glance:

  1. High process safety 

    CRYO.TAS is especially suited for use in unmanned plants because all processes are fully automated and are monitored from end-to-end. Continuous safety and inspection systems across several function levels ensure compliance with all safety regulations and loading requirements in accordance with European regulations for transporting dangerous goods ADR (the European agreement on the international carriage of dangerous goods by road) and other international regulations. Moreover, CRYO.TAS meets all the requirements for certification in accordance with the international standards of GMP and FDA. 

  2. Efficiency as a result of full automation

    Once configured, your loading processes run fully automated, on autopilot, so to speak. From the identification of drivers and vehicles to viewing prescheduled loading orders right up to the provision of the required product in the right loading method including the necessary quality control, every single step of the process is done with CRYO.TAS efficiently and fully automatically. The application shortens previous loading times by up to 12 percent. With CRYO.TAS, you control all the loading processes at various locations, and at the touch of a button you get an overview of the state of your plants, filter data related to production and quality, and calibrate the technical equipment. 

  3. Customized to meet your needs

    CRYO.TAS is designed as a freely scalable modular construction system. The modular set-up allows flexible solutions that are adjusted to your individual requirements. This makes it possible to set up the application as a complete turnkey system or to integrate the modules as individual units into an already existing overall structure. With additional add-on modules like the external administration of vehicle fleets and vehicles or a customer interface to receive orders, you can put together your customized product according to your wishes. 

    CRYO.TAS COMPACT and COMPACT MED are available as a turnkey, prefabricated system.

  4. Platform-independent operation

    As a result of the web-based CRYO.TAS software, every user within the company network has access to the system from every location using their Internet access. There is no need to install any specialized software on computers for the CRYO.TAS system. In addition, the program’s open architecture facilitates the connection to various external systems such as the integration in already existing ERP systems via standardized interfaces.     

  5. Compliance with international guidelines 

    By using CRYO.TAS you meet all international requirements and guidelines for the transportation of cryogenic, liquefied gases with very little effort. The program facilitates, for instance, the complete monitoring of the loading requirements in accordance with the European ADR guideline on transporting dangerous goods. In addition, integrated archiving functions of all performed operations, product analyses recorded in parallel and calibration data satisfy all the requirements for the certification of medical products and products for the food industry in accordance with GMP and FDA.

  6. Continuous process and quality control 

    The prerequisite for quality control is a continuous control of the stored and loaded products and of all the inspection equipment necessary for this. With its fully automated analysis system, CRYO.TAS offers extensive inspection routines and evaluation possibilities. These include, for instance, the individual definition and management of all the inspection equipment, monitoring and certifying of the calibration gases as well as archiving the results from analyses and calibrations.. 

  7. Automatically issued quality certificates 

    Due to its detailed process monitoring steps, CRYO.TAS meets all necessary criteria required to issue Type 3.1 and 3.2 inspection certificates in accordance with the DIN norm. As the result of the quality inspection at the various analysis points, the system automatically generates inspection certificates for loadings, batch reports of products in the storage tanks or batch certificates for medical and/or for food-related products. Upon request, CRYO.TAS sends the documents automatically to the clients or authorization points as PDF files. 

  8. Save resources through external administration

    With the help of add-on features for external administration, transport companies maintain the data of their drivers and vehicles independently in your CRYO.TAS system. In this way, you enhance not only the cooperation in logistics, but you also reduce your administrative effort. With defined access privileges, external companies are only granted access to the data in the system which they need.

  9. Administration at a glance 

    CRYO.TAS gives you a quick overview of the current status of your loading plant and of all the administrative data. With the application you manage your client data, client tanks, vehicle fleets and vehicles with just one click. You can preschedule orders and always keep an eye on your product records and contingents. 

  10. Monitor medical products

    CRYO.TAS guarantees absolute process security for all medical products and other specialized products. This is ensured by an electronic four eyes principle, by the electronic clearance of medical products that operates independent of location, by an integrated audit-trace function and by the representation of OOS (out of specification) results.