The Functions of CRYO.TAS: Archiving

With CRYO.TAS you stay on top of all of your data even over the long term. Not only does the software archive every operating step in a loading process and all the safety alerts almost in real time, but the system also saves all relevant loading documents and batch certificates of note for a plant type on a central server. All data movements can be tracked completely and can be moved to other archiving systems for long-term archiving. 

  • Archiving of

    • Calibrations with recorded calibration deviations
    • Change log books
    • Load details for all load orders
    • All analysis measurements (storage tanks, batch tanks and vehicles)
    • Order history
    • Record of weight and amounts

  • Internal short-term archiving over a period of at least two years
  • Export function to long-term archiving systems (e.g., to the system’s own qualified ARC.TAS archiving system)