The functions of CRYO.TASLG for LNG and LPG Products

Cooled and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as well as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are increasingly gaining importance as energy commodities. By cooling and compressing, they can be transported worldwide and made available for local markets. The distribution in special, insulated tanks requires the highest standards in automated loading, safety inspection, quality control and monitoring of LPG and LNG.

CRYO.TAS provides a special solution for both types of products: The extension CRYO.TASLG meets all requirements for the safe and efficient handling of these substances at all stations of the process chain. Every step of the logistics process, from order creation to factory entry, from safety review to loading, quality control and weighing is monitored and documented seamlessly. All benefits as well as the individual and flexible handling, which you already know from our basic CRYO.TAS system for air-gas products, are available from our CRYO.TASLG system as well:

  • High process safety due to integrated safety reviews and the free specification of individual test steps
  • Efficiency by full automation
  • Customized to individual needs due to modular construction system: Extendable by all modules and add-ons
  • Compliance with international guidelines
  • Loading on scales or with mass flow system
  • Platform-independent operation and connectivity to already existing systems via standardized interfaces
  • Administration and storage tank management at a glance with factory-comprehensive recording of all data