The Functions of CRYO.TAS: Loading

The loading control of the CRYO.TAS system is one of the core elements of the entire process. From the identification of drivers and vehicles to the provision of the ordered product in the right loading method right up to monitoring and documentation of the entire process, every step in your plant is handled by CRYO.TAS fully automatically, safely and in a coordinated way.


  • Dynamic loading bay allocation
  • Checking of authorizations and permits (ADR, etc.)
  • Safety instructions and driver instructions in the mother tongue of the operator
  • Individual issuing of loading permits
  • Local identification of drivers, truck and railcar (allocation detection)
  • Monitoring and video documentation of the loading process
  • Live streaming of a loading with archiving for the records
  • Volume and weight control, overload protection
  • Automatic start of the analysis system after the filling process
  • Emergency shutdown and mandatory presence control
  • Optional: Loading on weigh bridge (scale) instead of using mass flow devices