The Functions of CRYO.TAS: Management

With CRYO.TAS software you control and monitor all processes in your loading plant at the click of a mouse. As a result of the extensive management tools for every single step in the process, you always have an eye on the current status of your plants, manage your production and order data and monitor your analyzers. 




Inventory management

  • Managing all product papers (certificates, weighing documents and loading papers)
  • Monitoring and controlling all field devices for loading in real time
  • Reporting

Order management

  • Incoming orders via the Internet (add-on)
  • Order checking
  • Client information system
  • Contingent monitoring
  • Interfaces to ERP systems (e.g., SAP)

Product management

  • Client-specific product specifications and certificates (e.g., semi conductors, food industry or medical products)
  • Predefined orders (disposal)
  • Formulation management for product blending and blended products
  • Redelivery (filling in tank)

Tank and storage management

  • Cyclical tank analysis or batch analysis
  • Control of tank approval
  • Tank monitoring and product reservation
  • Monitoring product availability

Analysis management

  • Automatic selection of analyzers adapted to the product specification in question
  • Monitoring the analyzers
  • Recording deviations in calibrations
  • Monitoring calibration gases
  • Managing calibration gas cylinders

System management

  • System backup and restoration
  • Data synchronization and comparison across all plants
  • Change monitoring (audit trail)
  • Remote diagnosis of all system components (from server to terminal)
  • Alarm and event log
  • Configuration of terminal parameters
  • Configuration of tank and storage parameters
  • Alarm processing