The functions of CRYO.TAS: Medical Gases

Medical gases are subject to strict requirements in production, monitoring and sales because of their classification as pharmaceutical or medical products. With CRYO.TAS you can comply with the highest applicable security standards without any problems. The system has special features for storage, batch formation, transport and traceability of these kinds of products. Not only the software itself, but all system parts meet all requirements from the underlying regulations and authority specifications for dealing with medical gases and other special products. 

  • Maximum process safety with electronic four-eye principle
  • Seamless documentation of all processes with integrated audit trail feature
  • Separate QP (qualified person)-area
  • Automatic batch formation
  • Generation of effective substance protocols
  • Individual release of loading points, vehicles and staff for medical products
  • Recording of all results in release tabs
  • Documentation of OOS (out of specification)-results including automatic lock
  • Automatic notification of the release authorities
  • Validation according to EU-GMP parts I and II
  • Add-on: “Electronic release process” for simple, remote release of medical batches independent of location
  • CRYO.TAS COMPACT MED, the turnkey compact system inclusive validation