The Functions of CRYO.TAS: Safety and Certification

The end-to-end monitoring of all process steps is the focus of CRYO.TAS. Safety systems across several function levels guarantee the compliance of all safety and loading regulations and ensure the safety of your operating personnel. 




  • Monitors all loading regulations in accordance with section 9 of the directive on the transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail, GGVSE, ADR and RSE 2005
  • Representation and monitoring of the provisions in the road traffic acts of all countries concerning weight restrictions and other restrictions when transporting dangerous goods
  • Compliance with all stipulations in accordance with GMP, appendix 6 of the EC guideline on the good manufacturing process “Manufacturing of Medical Gases“ and appendix 11 of the EC guideline on the good manufacturing process “Computer-assisted Systems“
  • Emergency shutdown system
  • User management with individual access privileges at role level
  • Safety instructions and instructions for drivers in the operator’s respective mother tongue
  • Meets all requirements for computer certification