The Main Components of CRYO.TAS

Essentially the Terminal Automation System CRYO.TAS is comprised of six hardware components for all stations along the loading and transportation process.

Since CRYO.TAS is a freely scalable modular construction system you can acquire the product as a complete turnkey system with all standard hardware components or in selected individual parts to integrate into your existing system.

Here you will find all the standard components of CRYO TAS at a glance. We are happy to assist you put together your individual package:

CRYO.TAS Entrance Control

To enter the plant, drivers and vehicles identify themselves at the access terminal either via the RFID scanner or by entering a booking code. The system checks the access authorizations against the predefined authorizations for the individuals and the vehicles.


Next, drivers execute prescheduled orders at the weighing terminal SCALE.TAS depending on authorization or they put together new orders themselves. These authorizations can be defined individually according to the person, vehicle and plant. At this terminal, inbound and outbound vehicles are weighed and loading papers and certificates are prepared.

CRYO.TAS Filling Terminal

An important station in the process chain is the filling terminal where the loading and unloading of vehicles takes place. Here the focus is on the highest safety standards and on a simple operation. Emergency shutdown switches and the so-called mandatory presence monitoring guarantee the safety of operating personnel. Flow monitoring automatically stops the filling process and activates the analysis system in the next step. As an alternative to flow monitoring, it is also possible to load on a scale.

CRYO.TAS Analyzer System

The fully automated analyzer system is considered the heart of CRYO.TAS. This is where the switching of the gas paths for gas sampling is controlled. All the data from analyses is stored in the database system and is available for the preparation of reports and certificates.

CRYO.TAS Calibration Gases

CRYO.TAS monitors the expiry date of all calibration and service gases required for the calibration of the analyzers and also monitors the residual gas pressure in cylinders. In this way, the operator is informed promptly about any required cylinder exchange. The corresponding certificates of all calibration gases are entered into the system. 

CRYO.TAS Containers

CRYO.TAS Containers are ideal supplements for a quick setup and commissioning of the system. Various models as multi-room containers are available that are equipped with all the necessary safety devices. The entire system can be tested in advance. During setup on site the containers merely require field connections in commence operation of the system.